Creative Mornings GVA: cRAZY Challenge

The good people at Geneva’s Creative Mornings just announced it on their Facebook page: the next talk will have a cRAZY Challenge!

And if I am telling you about it, it’s obviously because I am involved.

You might remember, a few months ago, we did a Faces of Creative Mornings which was a lot of fun. The theme for that talk was «Happiness» so we asked participants to express what happiness is to them on a piece of paper and I took their photo.

Well this month’s theme is THE FUTURE and I thought it would be fun to setup a booth again. So we decided to turn it into a cRAZY Challenge.

Here is the idea: you need to find a time machine or ask Marty and Doc if you can borrow their Delorean because you have to go in the future and find an object there. Bring it back with you at the Creative Mornings event on Monday April 22 (registration required).

On the day of the event, I will take your picture with that object. Then all the pictures will be posted on Creative Mornings Facebook page and put up to a vote. Whoever gets the most votes wins!

And the prize is a «Faces of Geneva» book that I will obviously sign!

So have fun, time-travel safe and be creative!


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