Behind the scenes shooting coffee for Nescafé.

For two days last week I was in Orbe at Nescafé shooting coffee for a new machine they are working on. It was the second time I went there to shoot. This time though, we were lucky enough to have an awesome barista with us. His name is Ola, he’s from Sweden and not only does he make beautiful latte art, he makes a mean coffee!The purpose of the shoot was simple. Make images of the coffee for the new machine’s touch screen as well as for the coffee menus.

For this shoot I had a 3-light (sometimes 4) setup:

> One head in a 100cm Elinchrom with inner and outer diffuser as well as my Lastolite TriGrip clamped to the softbox.
> Two heads in 18cm reflectors equipped with 30° grids.
> For the ice drinks I also used a Nikon SB900 to add a streak of light down the glass.

I was shooting my Nikon D3s with an 85mm lens tethered to my computer.

Here is a picture of the setup:

The shoot went really well. We were faced with a few challenges but nothing that actually kept us from shooting.

For the past three days, I’ve be retouching the photos and my mouth has been watering. It’s quite fun making a good drink look even better!

The main difficulty in the ice coffee shot (seen above) was to get the “cold looking glass” effect. We obviously had to do that in camera so we came up with a bunch of ingenious ways to do so. Some did not work. At all. Others worked fine.

’till next time!


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