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Hello all!

I hope you had a nice Easter break. Anka and I took a nice little road trip and drove to Cannes, in the south of France. How nice it was to see the sun and feel warm again. Although it’s spring, the weather is still quite cold and I still have to scrape the car’s windshield in the morning.

Anyway, it was a nice break and now back to work, lots of things are planned!

The Faces of Geneva are now for sale

I’ve had many people ask me about purchasing photos from the «Faces of Geneva». After debating it for quite some time, I’ve decided I would sell them as a limited edition.

There are 193 editions of each photo available. Regardless of size —your choice of 30x30cm or 50x50cm— or if you choose to have the text shown or not. Photos are sold printed and mounted on an aluminum plate, just as they were presented in the exhibitions at Maison Tavel and the United Nations.

Prices are CHF200 for the 30x30cm and CHF400 for the 50x50cm. Delivery is free in the Geneva area.

Book signing @FNAC Rive

If you missed the «Faces of Geneva» book signing in February, maybe you can make it to this one at the FNAC in Rive (Geneva). It will be this Saturday, April 6, from 3pm. I hope to see you there!

Working on photos from After Dimitri

You might remember, After Dimitri was the name I gave to the adventure Anka and I lived this past summer. We traveled for three months, following her grandfather’s footsteps. I’m currently working on the photos (maybe I’ll write a post about them in the near future) and also making a video about the whole trip. More to come soon!

Changing my Facebook strategy

I am currently pondering if I should merge my Facebook page and my personal profile. Let me explain: most of the time, I post things to my page and share them to my profile. It’s twice the work for me and for some people it means seeing the same information twice. So I was thinking of closing down my page and post to my open profile only. All my page likers would automatically become followers of my profile. What do you guys think?

Press review for the exhibit at Maison Tavel

I just received a round-up of all the articles (print and web) published about the «Faces of Geneva» exhibit at Maison Tavel. It’s really exciting to see that the project transcends linguistic borders and that articles have been written in italian, german, spanish… I’m really overwhelmed right now. Thank you!

That’s it for today folks! I am now going to go perform a spring dance outside so we can finally have some nice and warm weather!


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  1. Loris

    Don’t change your Facebook strategy. Profiles are for you, pages are for your activities. :-)

    Pages are more powerful as a communication tool (statistics, advertising, etc.) and they are not limited: as a profile, you can have “only” 5000 friends, it might be a problem at some point.

    Last but not least: maybe some people don’t want to be friends with you, they just want to follow your work, see what you do but don’t want you to be able to access their personal informations (friends work as both ways, not pages).

    • josh

      Hey Loris, thanks for your feedback. The thing is, I really don’t care about stats or advertising. I did try the latter but impact was ridiculous! The other thing is I won’t ask people to become my friends but to subscribe to my public updates. And the good thing is you are not limited to the amount of subscribers to your profile.

      I still have to think about it and as I said, I thank you for your feedback.

      See you soon!
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  2. Loris

    I forgot about subscribing to someone’s profile. This might indeed be a good idea!
    This is what I did with Mike Matas: https://www.facebook.com/mikematas
    Loris recently posted: Journey Through Japan, un projet print personnelMy Profile


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