A Californian road trip.

If you follow me on social media you know last week was a special one for me. I hope you will bear with me as part of this post will not be photo related.

As an ex-pro golfer there are a few courses in this world that give me the goose bumps when I hear their names. Among them, Pebble Beach. Well, last Thursday I was able to cross it off my bucket list. The entire experience, although costly, is an incredible one. From the minute you arrive to the minute you leave, you are treated like royalty. But that’s not why you go play Pebble Beach. You go play it because of the course, because of the Pacific Ocean, because it’s Pebble Beach! My game was kind of off that day but it was unforgettable nonetheless and all I want is to go back!






I must give credit where credit is due. Some of the shots above were obviously taken by Anka.

After playing Pebble Beach, we drove around the 17-Mile Drive. It follows the Pacific Coast and every inch of it is breathtaking. That is also where one can see the famous Lone Cypress. The rest of the drive is not too shabby either. Incredible views of the powerful Pacific, encounters with strange, fearless little rodents, you name it!



Our next stop was with some family in Menlo Park and a visit to San Francisco. We tried to stay away of Fisherman’s Wharf: been there, done that. Instead, we wanted to discover neighbourhoods of San Francisco. So we visited The Mission District, Hayes Street, Dog Patch and ended the day at Crissy Fields admiring the sunset behind the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. What caught my eye, particularly in The Mission is the socially engaged street art. Every piece I saw was to either celebrate, defend or blame and event, cause or something else. It was very interesting to see.















The last stop of this road trip was in Gold River, north of Sacramento, to visit my Godmother. It was nice to spend some quality time with her since I had only seen her approximately for two hours in the past 15 years.

We then drove back south to Los Angeles which took us the better part of 8 hours down I-5. 

It was an intense few days but I come back super pumped and inspired by them. The golf at Pebble Beach, the street art of San Francisco and the quality family time made for an interesting mix and now my mind is buzzing with ideas. I just have to find a way to clear things up and put some order into my thoughts.


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