6 (+1) social media sites for photographers.

Are you puzzled about your social media presence? There’s no denying it, social networks are a big part of our lives now and as a photographer I believe some are a better fit than others.

Here is a list of the 7 sites I think are the best for photographers.

1. Facebook

Love it or hate it, Facebook is the most used network and not having a presence there would be a mistake. I don’t think there’s much else to say about it. — http://www.fb.com/joshfassbindphoto

2. Twitter

Twitter is a strange beast to tame but it’s an amazing source of information. Of course, there’s not much you can say in 140 characters but that’s why they invented link shrinkers. — http://www.twitter.com/joshfassbind

3. Pinterest

I’m fairly new to Pinterest but boy am I spending time on that site. It is such an incredible source of inspiration. It’s actually a visual orgasm! Now for those copy cats out there, I said it’s a source of inspiration. That means you can be inspired by something you see and create something new by adding your personal touch. Don’t just copy! — http://www.pinterest.com/joshfassbind

4. Instagram

Same as Facebook, you either love or hate Instagram. I think it’s just simple and fun to use. Try it and make your own opinion. — http://www.instagram.com/joshfassbind

5. Zerply

Let’s be realistic for a minute. LinkedIn is great if you have a corporate job but as a creative, it pretty much sucks. That’s where Zerply kicks in. This is how they describe themselves: «Richer resume building and social networking designed for creative professionals.» Spread the word! — http://www.zerply.com/joshfassbind

6. Lightt

Light is pretty new on the social scene and it’s really fun and creative. It’s an app that basically takes a bunch of successive photos to make a sort of video. Just try it! — http://www.lightt.com/joshfassbind

7. Google+

Some would argue Google+ is a great tool. Truth is, I just don’t get it. I don’t know if it’s the interface or what, I just can’t get around to like it and use it. — http://plus.google.com/113092398459067974804/


Of course, there are hundreds if not thousands of other social networks to join but I don’t think you want to spread too much. But if you believe I have forgotten an essential one, please feel free to let me know.

Also, if you are already present on one or several of these networks, please follow me and I’ll make sure to follow you back.


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