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JAPAN: Tokyo.

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Before I tell you about Tokyo, I need to set things straight. Before going, I had this preconceived idea in my mind (another one) about Tokyo: it’s huge, it’s futuristic, it’s stressful and that’s not the side of Japan I will like. I’m happy to tell you I was completely wrong. Is it huge? Definitely. […]

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JAPAN: Kobe – Kamakura – Nikko.

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I hope you’ve been enjoying these posts about our Japanese journey. I have a couple more to write after this one: one about bustling Tokyo and the other about my general impression of this amazing country. But let’s not go too fast. First things first. Here is the fourth and last part of the trip […]

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JAPAN: Matsue – Ibusuki – Naoshima.

Posted by Josh Fassbind on May 18, 2014 in Archives | 1 Comment

Irasshaimase! Last time I wrote, I told you about our fantastic ryokan experience. After that unforgettable stay at ryokan Iwaso, we headed up to Matsue. We decided to go there to get off the beaten track a bit as I had heard from a friend it’s a place few westerners visit on a regular Japanese tour.

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