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NO MUSIC NO LIFE: Where Is My Mind.

Posted by Josh Fassbind on May 27, 2013 in Archives | No Comments

When Chrystelle chose «Where Is My Mind» as a song for NO MUSIC NO LIFE, I was immediately thrown back a few years and reminded of the time I first saw Fight Club. This was before the year 2000 for the younger readers among us.

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Posted by Josh Fassbind on May 23, 2013 in Archives | 2 Comments

Right after we shot Kristell for You’ve Got the Love, we moved out of the garage to photograph Dominique for Aaron’s U-Turn, otherwise know as Lili. This photo was a bit different and staged a bit more. Kristell was playing Lili, a low life junkie and Dominique was there to help her step out of […]

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NO MUSIC NO LIFE: You’ve Got the Love.

Posted by Josh Fassbind on May 22, 2013 in Archives | 1 Comment

This past weekend, Anka was visiting a friend in Marseille so I decided to book my weekend for NO MUSIC NO LIFE shoots. I had two on Saturday and one on Sunday. It was nice, I got to meet Sam, a photographer in Geneva who came to assist me on Saturday and have some friends […]

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